Could Elder Care Help Before Heart Surgery?

By: Becky Moultrie
As soon as you hear that your aging parent is in need of heart surgery your mind likely goes to their recovery. This type of recovery generally lasts for a few months and includes phases during which their functions will improve and they will continue getting stronger and healthier. As a family caregiver it is important to understand that effective recovery actually begins before surgery. By being as prepared and healthy as possible going into the procedure, your parent can ready their body for the surgery and the challenges of recovery ahead so that they can recover more quickly, smoothly, and effectively. One way that you can help this is by starting elder care for them.
Some ways that elder care can help before your parent undergoes heart surgery include:

• Encouraging a healthy diet that can help them to lose weight if this is a concern of their doctor and can also strengthen their body to help it heal better after surgery.
• Offering medication reminders to keep your parent on their medication routine as their doctor has prescribed and to help them adapt to not taking medications that their doctor might have told them to stop.
• Supporting physical activity that will make their body stronger and will also get them into a routine that they can work back toward after the surgery.
• Working with them to make modifications to their home to make it into a healing environment. This can include cleaning, helping them decide if they need to rearrange furniture, and even cooking with them so that they can prepare and freeze meals to eat during recovery.
• Offering emotional support and encouragement to ease their anxiety and help them to feel more confident going into their surgery. This can include talking about the new chapter after their recovery and the enjoyment and fulfillment they will have then, such as planning activities, adventures, and new experiences that you can do together.

If you have been looking for a way to enhance your aging loved ones quality of life and support their management of individual challenges, limitations, and issues, now maybe you could heal time for you to start elder care for them. And elderly home care services provider can be with your parent on a schedule that is right for both their needs and the care that you already give them. This ensures that your relationship and the efforts that you give them remain at the forefront of their care while both of you can also feel confident that any other needs will be addressed effectively, efficiently, and respectfully. The personalized services that this care provider can offer your parent will be specifically tailored to not just their needs, but also their individual goals, personality, and preferences. This helps them to stay healthy, safe, and comfortable while pursuing independence and engagement.
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