Be Prepared For A Weather Emergency With The Proper Tools

By: Linda Burhans
When an emergency or disaster strikes, people often have to perform manual labor to deal with the situation. Clearing trees, branches, dirt, snow, ice, and debris from your living area may be your first chore after a disaster. It’s impossible to prepare for every emergency imaginable, but if you know the types of possible natural disasters that can happen in your area, you can plan and prepare wisely for those events. This preparation includes having the right tools available.
You may have to move around to different locations to help yourself or others, so it’s a good idea to have some lightweight, multi-use tools on hand. You’ll find many styles on the market that provide several functions in a single tool. A basic list of tools for emergency use would include:

Utility knife

You may have many of these tools already. However, the problem with relying on tools that you use every day, is that they may not be with your emergency preparation gear when the time comes that you need them.
There are a couple ways to deal with this. You can store your tools with your emergency disaster supplies if you have the room. This may make the regular use of these tools a bit frustrating, possibly leading to those tools not being put back with the emergency supplies. This could cause more problems when an emergency occurs and you don’t have your tools.
Another way to deal with this is to purchase emergency specific tools. In the short term, this may seem like a waste of money. But, if you build up your emergency supplies over time, you can ensure your family’s safety without breaking the bank. Most people do take some time to build up their safety “bank” because to do so overnight would be too much of a financial drain. Buying one specific emergency survival tool each month may be a good goal for your family. Be frugal and fit tools into your family budget by checking out the resale and thrift shops.
Tools may not be first and foremost on your mind when thinking about planning for an emergency. Yes, most people think first about food, water, and shelter. While this is true, there is often a time where tools will be needed. In the event of a natural disaster, you may need tools to help remove debris, build flood water barricades, or even clear a path to a neighbor’s house. After the immediate needs have been met, you may need tools to build a shelter, gather water, and even plant food.

As you can see, tools are very important to survival in the short term as well as in the long term. Don’t skip this step in your emergency preparedness. Peace of mind is another ‘tool’ you’ll be happy you have.

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