4 Ways Home Care Can Make Your Parent’s Life Better

By Becky Moultrie
Jacob’s 85-year- old dad, Allen, was in failing health, and he knew they wouldn’t have much time
left together. Allen had moved in with Jacob and needed almost constant care, but Jacob still
had to work, and he missed spending time with his friends. He wanted to make the most of the
time he had left with his dad, but sometimes feeling overwhelmed left him frustrated, which
certainly wasn’t how he wanted to feel when he was with Allen. Jacob realized that he needed
help—not just for his father, but for himself, too. A friend suggested he look into home care for
Allen, which would not only make Allen’s life better, but also Jacob’s.
Here are just four ways home care can make the lives of seniors and the adult children who care
for them better.
#1 Home Care Helps Develop a Care Plan
Home care providers can consult with family members to develop a care plan that meets the
physical and emotional needs of the older adult, while also alleviating the stress placed on family
caregivers. Home care providers can even be present at meetings with medical care providers
and social workers to discuss where they can help. The care plan can be as detailed as needed,
but remain flexible as the senior’s needs change.
#2 Create a Relationship Based on Trust
It can be hard for older adults who have been independent all their lives to accept help. Home
care agencies try to match the abilities and personalities of their staff to their clients. They take
into account the medical conditions the person has and, whenever possible, assign home care
providers who are familiar and experienced. But, it doesn’t end there. The home care provider
also needs to be a good fit for the likes and dislikes of the older adult. If a home care provider
should turn out to be a poor fit, the agency will work with the family to find a person who does

#3 Assist with Daily Tasks
There are lots of things home care providers can help older adults with, including:
• Bathing.
• Dressing.
• Walking.
• Running errands.
• Cooking meals.
• Medication reminders.
• Reminders of appointments.
• Toileting.
• Grocery shopping.
• Laundry.

That’s a long list, and it isn’t even all-encompassing. If there’s something your senior family
member needs help with, talk to the home care provider about whether they are able to assist. In
many cases, they can!

#4 Provide Companionship
A home care provider can be a joyful companion who helps the senior to pass time in a pleasant
manner. Home care providers can simply sit quietly by, so the person knows they are not alone.
Or, they can chat with the older adult, allowing them to reminisce or talk about whatever is on
their mind. Home care providers can even engage the senior in activities, like games, puzzles, or

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